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2022 - 05 - 17

BioEurope international Vienna.

CHO Media Panel Assessment: A Case Study - 17-20 May 2022 

N. Moroni, L. Nardinocchi , J. Canay , M. Ferretti  and B. Greven

Creating highly productive clonal cell lines for Monoclonal Antibody (mAb) production is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and costly, since achieving consistent cell culture performance requires careful screening, selection, and optimization of media formulations and feed.

As a part of the GibcoTM Cell Line Development Partner Program, using the ExpiCHO-S cells offered by Thermo Fisher, Menarini Biotech will be able to speed up cell line development process timelines. Tweleve proprietary chemically defined media and five feeds were tested on recombinant single cell clones generated with the FreedomTM ExpiCHO-S TM Kit . With this work, it will be possible to identify combinations of medium/feed capable of ensuring high productivity (higher than 2 g/L) while maintaining a high standard of quality attributes. This will enable the team to generate recombinant cell lines for mAb production, significantly reducing the time required for the production of stable clones while simplifying the process steps.