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2023 - 06 - 08

Knowledge Culture Webinar

Noemi Moroni and Marco Baldazzi

Developing a full mAb Process Workflow - from Upstream to Downstream, 9 June 2023

Looking across the workflow the webinar discussed the benefits of the cell line development Freedom™ ExpiCHO-S™ Kit, their evaluation of the revolutionary Thermo Scientific™ DynaDrive™ Single Use Bioreactor (S.U.B.) and how they decreased the costs of their affinity chromatography step by using the Thermo Scientific MabCapture C High Capacity Protein A Resin followed by POROS XQ / HS for polishing and removal of impurities.  Key members of Thermo Fisher Scientific’s technical team were also on-hand throughout the webinar to give you an overview of the full mAbs workflow.