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2022 - 11 - 17

Webinar in collaboration with Thermofisher - Noemi Moroni - 17 November 2022

Rapid Media And Feed Screening Options For Targeted CHO Clones

The aim of the work was to develop a cell cultivation process capable of increasing the productivity of a CHO-S cell line engineered to express a bispecific antibody. After the generation of a Research cell bank, the 10 media proposed by the Thermofisher panel were screened through two rounds of shake flask experiments. In this way, 5 media were selected based on the best cell growth performance and basic productivity.

The process outlined up to this point was then optimized on 2L scale single use bioreactors to precisely set each process parameter. The results obtained were used to scale the process to a final production scale, in particular for this project 10L single use bioreactor.

Through this approach it was possible to increase the volumetric productivity of the cell in question by about 10 times, using a Thermofisher medium and feed in a cultivation process of 14 days.